Are you looking to UP your crafting game? Learn to embrace your inner creativity with Cricut lessons in the comfort of your own home!


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Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having FUN.
— Mary Lou Cook

What is Cricut Camp?

Cricut Camp is a 4-week training program that brings the basics of Cricut crafting right to YOU! Simply login to Facebook on the designated day each week and follow along with an easy LIVE tutorial led by Taylor, all while in the comfort of your own home.

What does Cricut Camp teach?

Our four easy to follow lessons are designed to take you from newbie status to a practiced crafter with the help of your Cricut. Taylor will cover the basic functions of your machine, including unboxing a brand new machine and hooking it up for the first time, as well as the ins and outs of Design Space. You’ll receive a mailed package of materials to make four easy projects that will help you put your Cricut skills to use! 


What do I need to participate?

All you need is your Cricut, a laptop or tablet, and the ability to watch the Facebook video (WiFi is best!). Taylor will also provide you with a list of recommended materials to purchase before camp begins (easily found at your local craft store), as well as mailing you a box of “supplies” for your projects!

What if I have questions or need help?

The LIVE video is the perfect place to ask Taylor questions if you need help during a tutorial. You’ll be part of a Facebook group full of other creative people just like you that will support and encourage you along the way. Taylor will also reach out to every participant on an individual level throughout the 4 week camp to chat with you about your progress, answer any questions you may have, and help with troubleshooting. You’ll get the benefits of a creative community and individual coaching all in one place!

What if I can’t watch a lesson when it airs?

No problem! You’ll have the opportunity to watch the lesson when it’s convenient for you. Taylor will respond to questions even after the live video ends! And the BEST part is once you’re in the camp you’re in for LIFE! You can watch the tutorials each time a new camp starts to refresh your knowledge (and even learn new skills)! 


How much does Cricut Camp cost?

For a one-time fee of $49, you'll receive a MONTH of Cricut training, including a one-hour lesson each week on a new craft and aspect of your Cricut, as well as "pop up" videos throughout the week on which materials to buy, how to purchase designs, and more! You'll also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the Cricut Camp Facebook group, which means you can watch your videos over and over AND new tutorials each time a new camp begins. PLUS you'll get a box of materials mailed right to your door, including paper crafting supplies, adhesive vinyl, and more! 

I'm ready! How do I sign up? 

Click on the picture below to register for the next session of Cricut Camp! Each session lasts for four weeks and we begin a new session every 6 weeks. But hurry, we only have space for 20 learners in each camp! A one-time fee of $49 covers all four lessons, membership to the group, AND your box of supplies! 

Questions before you commit? Email us at for more information! 



Creative fear holding you back? I'm here to help!

I'm Taylor and not that long ago I was just like you; wanting to create beautiful things, but not sure where to start! Back then, there were very limited options for Cricut tutorials and lessons, so I had to teach myself through A LOT of trial and error (and ruined projects)! Eventually I got the hang of it and started using my Cricut in both my everyday AND work life! Incorporating my Cricut machine into my first grade classroom helped me create beautiful decor and fun projects for my students without breaking the bank. Now I use my Cricut to make vinyl stencils for painting wood signs in my workshop. Instead of spending hours and hours looking up tutorial videos OR wasting craft supplies on trial and error, let me bring my Cricut knowledge straight to you in my easy to follow lessons, all in the comfort of YOUR home! I can't wait to get crafty with you!